Finding the Right Piece of Land

If you want to make sure you buy the right block of land to build your new home on, you should base your decision of a logical approach, rather than one of emotion. A lot of people see what they perceive as a “wonderful little plot of land” and something that on the face of it seems ideal. They will go away and draw up a number of plans before getting in touch with builders to get a quote, only to find the quotes for the full cost of construction has come back too high and their dreams have been somewhat shattered.

Land for Duplex homesWhat you need to do when choosing the right piece of land for your new home build, is to do some research first. The cost of construction must be considered first before you swan off to see the architect and draw up plans for your dream home. If the block of land that want to build your new home on is not level, you’ll have to work out if you are going to cut your block on the upper side of the level. Retaining walls are a must if you opt for a cut and fill procedure.

You may want to opt for cutting the land and filling in on the lower side of the level. Sometimes cutting and filling is not considered to be the best option. A lot will depend on the land and how steep it actually is. An engineer and a designer will need to be approached to give you the best advice here.

You should also be wary that homes that are cut in too deeply on the lower sides are more difficult to sell or may affect the price of the home in the future should you come to sell the property in the future. If your piece of land has easements then conveyancing companies need to be approached because the construction methods can vary wildly depending on the influence zone.

Testing the soil is also an important step when finding the right piece of land. You should do this early as this will undoubtedly become the best investment you will make when finding the right piece of land to build your dream home on. There are five different classes of soil depending on how reactive the ground is according to construction demands. Once your ready you can find that will help you Build your prefect home. Also don’t forget to use the right Drafters.